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Facilitator All Call

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Make sure you are familiar with the deadlines and expectations of the IPDX18 Facilitator All Call detailed below. All required form questions must be completed no later than 11:59 pm on November 18, 2017 to be officially accepted.

Submit Your Session


What are OETC events?

We work with our membership to invest time and money back into the educational communities we serve. OETC organizes and hosts events that support and connect educators, administrators and leaders.

What is IntegratED?

The mission of IntegratED is to provide educators with a supportive community where they can collaborate to develop practical strategies for integrating technology into teaching and learning. IntegratED 2018 takes place at the Portland Airport Sheraton on February 22-23.

What if I am a vendor and I want to present?

These sessions are not intended for vendor applications. If you are a vendor and would like to present, you should visit the vendor sponsorship options page and register for the Sponsor Expert session choices.

Facilitator Expectations

What a facilitator applicant should expect?

Prior to your completion of the application you should know the following:

Each year IntegratED brings in presenters and facilitators to complete the professional development offerings. What is the difference between the two classifications?

To illustrate the difference between a presenter and facilitator I’ve used Dirk Funk's explanation.

  • Presenters are expert content bearers who transmit fixed information or content to recipients of knowledge.
  • Facilitators are guides to a learning destination with the goal to equip learners for self-development and continual learning.

Facilitators Presenters
Learners are Active/Passive Active Learners Passive Learners
Control of learning and center of responsibility Shared Presenter in control
Answers, “Why I need to know this?” Learners Presenters
Credibility Based on ability to create and sustain a supportive learning environment. Based on content knowledge, expertise, control of content and delivery.
Focus centered on Helping learners develop skills for knowledge acquisition. Establishing content knowledge in learners' minds.

Which role (presenter or facilitator) do I have the opportunity to apply for at IntegratED 2018?

At IPDX we have two thought provoking keynotes take on the role of presenter (although some of them in the past have played both roles masterfully). In addition, we have several workshops/sessions that are skillfully built by active learning facilitators.

For the purposes of this application you will be applying for the role of session facilitator.


  • Facilitator proposal forms are only available online.
  • All required form questions must be completed no later than 11:59 pm on November 18, 2017 to be officially accepted.
  • Your session topic and description should clearly be aligned with at least one of the following areas:
    1. Classroom Practice (K-6)
    2. Classroom Practice (7-20)
    3. Leadership/Administration
    4. Personal and Professional Growth
    5. Web Tools
    6. Education Theory
  • You will have to determine which attendee level of knowledge is appropriate for your session. (Differentiated, Beginner, Expert)
  • OETC member districts will be given preference to facilitate at IPDX18.

What you get for facilitating a session at IPDX18?

  • An opportunity to grow professionally and give back to the education community.
  • A space to share job embedded skills and strategies.
  • Collaboration time with interesting educators and leaders.
  • Actively build coaching and mentoring skills.
  • A session space setup with electricity, Internet, projection and sound.
  • Facilitator 101 conference information and details.
  • If you facilitate more than one (1) workshop you will be a offered a free registration to IntegratED 2018 ($399 value).

How will I know if I’m selected to facilitate at IPDX18?

All who submit applications will receive an acceptance or rejection letter via email.

OETC Expectations

What does OETC expect from a facilitator?

  • The applicant meets the no later than 11:59 pm on November 18, 2017 deadline and restrictions (see logistics above) for completed applications.
  • The applicant lays the groundwork and high quality content detail needed to show active learning and effective professional development in at least one of the following areas:
    1. Classroom Practice (K-6)
    2. Classroom Practice (7-20)
    3. Leadership/Administration
    4. Personal and Professional Growth
    5. Web Tools
    6. Education Theory
  • We are looking for topics that help improve teaching and learning to transform education through technology. Real classroom application ideas, common core, instructional strategies, digital literacy, resources that support 4:1 - 1:1 initiatives, transformative web tools, leadership frameworks and other pedagogy centered lessons.
  • Electronic notice is required at least 30 days or more prior to February 22, 2018 if the selected applicant cannot meet the agreed upon deadline.


IPDX17 Facilitators All Call Rubric

The following rubric is used as an application scoring aid for the IntegratED Portland Facilitators All Call. All interested educators (teachers and/or administrators) must complete the application form to have the opportunity to be selected as an IPDX17 session facilitator.

1 | Undefined 2 | Developing 3 | Approaching 4 | Target


Does the application convince you that the facilitator is well versed in their subject matter?
The applicant's expertise is not identified and they are not yet ready to facilitate a session. The applicant's expertise is developing, and might be better prepared to facilitate a session in the near future. The applicant's expertise is identified and clear but not fully aligned to the session they want to facilitate. The applicant is well versed in the subject matter that they will be teaching.

Content Relevance

Is the topic current and appropriate for the IPDX audience?
The session content and relevancy to IPDX is ill-defined. The session content and a case for relevancy is included in the application, but it remains vague. The session content is defined and is loosely relevant to the needs of the IPDX attendees. The session content is clearly defined and equally relevant to the needs of the IPDX attendees.

Plan for Engaging Attendees

Is the application developed enough to convince the reader that the session will be active and compelling to the IPDX audience?
A plan for actively engaging the IPDX attendees is not articulated in this application. A plan for actively engaging attendees is vague, and/or does not read as if it would be a compelling session for the IPDX community. A plan for actively engaging attendees is outlined with clear expectations, but not fully realized. A plan for actively engaging attendees at IPDX is clearly articulated in this application.


Do the outcomes align with best teaching practices?
The session outcomes and indicators of best teaching practices are ill-defined or non-existent. The session outcomes are developing, but indicators that showcase best teaching practices are vague. The session outcomes are defined, but indicators that best teaching practices will be used are not fully transparent. The session outcomes are clearly defined and best teaching practices are the foundation of this workshop.

Submission Form

Apply for the IPDX18 All Call no later than 11:59 pm on November 18, 2017 to be officially accepted.

Submit Your Session