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Time to Learn

When do educators get time?

Room to Grow

As technology develops it is important for educators to regularly reflect on their practice. Why, then, are educators so rarely given the time to fully develop new skills and integrate new technology into teaching and learning?

We believe that if educators are given the space to expand their understanding of technology in education, they will use effective pedagogy and transformational tools to fundamentally change their environment. Room To Grow, a collaborative space based on the User-Generated Learning model, helps educators harness instructional strategies to suit their professional needs.

How it Works

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Attend sessions with your particular needs in mind, whether that means a specific project or a broader search for new ideas.

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In our collaborative studio segment, mentors and peers come together to develop practical solutions with you.

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Inspire others in the OETC community and beyond: share your experience using #IPDX15 and see what’s going on in all corners of the conference.

Explore new solutions for old problems.


Old Work

Bring along a unit or lesson plan you’ve been recycling year after year, or an initiative you’ve been wanting to incorporate but haven’t had time to develop; go to sessions with your project in mind.

New Ideas

If you don’t have a specific project or objective to focus on, look to our presenters and to your fellow educators at IntegratED for inspiration–you may find exactly the right thing to help you thrive.

Create with a mentor in a collaborative studio.

Find your own Space

Friday, 10:30 a.m.—12:30 p.m.
Choose a studio that applies to your project and/or goals, and then team up with mentors and peers to problem-solve and launch ideas. Click on a Studio to see more about it.

Studio Toolkit
In these studios, we want you to have the freedom and flexibility to choose whatever studio topics and reflection styles work best for you. We’ve provided some resources for individual, small group, and large group reflection.

Download Toolkit PDF

Contribute to the community.


Talk to the OETC community on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest using #IPDX15.