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Education starts with empowerment.

February 23, 2017
AcceleratED is a one-day professional development conference focused on technology integration strategies for educational administrators.

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February 21, 2018

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Be in two places at once. Or twenty.

A full day to explore, create and collaborate.

At AcceleratED, administrators attend hands-on workshops on a wide variety of relevant topics, led by hand-picked facilitators in small, personalized teaching and learning environments.

Curated Leadership

Curated Leadership

Facilitators are a driving force behind the hands-on culture of AcceleratED. Our facilitators are hand-picked and vetted with great care to ensure workshops of the highest quality.

Practical Strategies

Practical Strategies

Walk away with solutions, not just a to-do list. More than a list of tools, AcceleratED focuses on developing the skills and strategies needed to effectively integrate those tools into teaching and learning.

Collaborative Environment

Collaborative Environment

AcceleratED is a supportive community working together to improve education. Workshops are designed to be small, personalized environments where administrators can teach and learn collaboratively.

Time to Learn

Time to Learn

Administrators know that building real knowledge takes more than one class period, so AcceleratED’s sessions are longer to allow for in-depth discussion and collaboration that produces more developed strategies.

Keynote Speakers

Abbey Futrell

Digital Innovation Coach
Friday Institute

Abbey Futrell is a Digital Innovation Coach and Research Associate with the Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative at North Carolina State University’s William & Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Her work with the Friday Institute encompasses a commitment to coaching teachers on how to create meaningful digital learning experiences for students, redefining professional development experiences, and serving as one of the lead facilitators for the North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaching Network. She frequently presents at national education conferences and has moderated Future Ready Summits sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.

Sheryl Abshire, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer
Calcasieu Parish Public Schools

As Chief Technology Officer for the Calcasieu Parish Public Schools in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Dr. Sheryl Abshire serves as a catalyst for the integration of technology nationally and internationally. She provides leadership on numerous local, state and national committees focusing on the role of technology and curriculum in changing practice, and has been the recipient of many awards for her decades of work promoting educational technology, including the NCTET Community Builder Award and ISTE’s first Public Policy Advocate of the Year Award. Dr. Abshire has been an educator for over forty years, and was the first teacher inducted into the U.S. National Teachers’ Hall of Fame.

Join the AcceleratED Community

The mission of AcceleratED is to provide administrators with a supportive community where they can collaborate to develop practical strategies for integrating technology into teaching and learning. Over the last sixteen years that community has grown and thrived, supporting administrators online, at events, and in their own institutions.

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Building community. Empowering educators.

Leaders are only as strong as the team supporting them. Administrators can empower their educators by bringing them to IntegratED, our conference for educators. IntegratED offers opportunities to learn and grow as a team, and to collaborate to develop practical strategies.

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