October 2013 – Portland, OR

The 1-day intensive EDtech workshop designed for administrators who can’t afford to fall behind.

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Technology Workshops to Support Administrators.

Collaborative Environment

Supportive Environment

Admin Bootcamp is part of a growing community working to improve education. Sessions are designed to be small, personalized environments where administrators can teach and learn collaboratively.

Time to Learn

Time to Learn

Administrators know that building real knowledge takes more than one class period, so Admin Bootcamps’s workshops are longer to allow for in-depth discussion and collaboration that produce more developed strategies.

Practical Strategies

Practical Strategies

Walk away with knowledge, not just a to-do list. More than a list of tools, Admin Bootcamp focuses on developing the skills and strategies needed to effectively integrate those tools into teaching and learning.

Keynote Speakers

Joe Morelock
Joe Morelock Exec. Director, Curriculum & Tech Lake Oswego Schools
Exec. Director, Curriculum, Lake Oswego Schools. Father, husband, ADE, coffee drinker, occasional raconteur, EdD student, and marathoner.
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